Friday, March 25, 2011

Reaction to the "Do grades do any good?"

I honestly believe that we should have number grades instead of letter grades. Like once said in the article, many parents and families would like to know how their children are doing. I think that letter grades do not help too much when it comes to that. I never really understood what the letter grades really meant. With number grades you have some idea on where you stand. What happens when your in between two letters and your teacher does not know where you fall? This is an example of why I think we should have number grades. You can either round off your average depending on the number or just have a set number of where they stand based on their average.

Fairy Tales

Subject: English
Aim: SWBAT compose their own fairy tale
Welcome Class
Take Attendance
Pass out lined paper
Pass out pens and pencils
Give instructions
a.) Help students understand what a fairy tale is and why authors write them.
b.)Read an example of a fairy tale to the class
c.) Help students start their own fairy tale by giving possible ideas to write about
Be Creative!

Grade: 3rd
Total: 10 students
Girls: 6
Boys: 4
Time allocation: 30 minutes
Materials: lined paper, pens &pencils
Assessment: Monitor students creating their own fairy tale
Homework: Finish fairy tale
Reluctant Student Activity: Please write a letter on why you decided not to do this activity, and how you plan to make up this activity